Vegan GMO’s Mission

Vegan GMO advocates for a scientific and critical approach toward biotechnology in the political struggle against human supremacy.

We recognize that zeal for technology must be tempered with a critical lens. There are valid anxieties around powerful technology in service of the status quo. We hope to focus the conversion in a way that is truthful yet compelling. We yearn for a way to merge the life science with the social science for justice. The need for a scientific critique of these systems to put technology in the hands of the people is urgent. Compassion and critical thinking are foundational components of vegan traditions. GMO technology can offer a number of possible solutions grounded in sound science. Examples include:

    • Supporting Veganism: Vegan living can be made more accessible and convenient.
    • Animal Alternatives: Equivalent or improved vegan alternatives to animal products can be invented.
    • Animal Testing: Misplaced fears lead to egregious animal testing and abuse.
    • Scientific Advancement: Scientific study contributes to the wide body of knowledge that can better find solutions.
    • Nutrition: We can create food with better nutrient profiles.
    • Agriculture: Improved plant varieties can be created to resist challenges inherent to growing food.
    • Medicine: Innovative solutions for modern disease prevention and treatment for all.

We understand the concerns some vegans may have and hope you will join us in exploring the vast opportunities biotechnology can provide.

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