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▶ Why I’m a Pro-GMO Vegan (and 9 GMO myths dispelled) – YouTube

I’m a vegan who eats a mostly raw food diet. I also support genetic modification. In this video, I explain the 3 reasons why I advocate for genetically modified organisms and also look at the common claims against gm crops (below): 1: There’s no evidence showing GM crops are safe 2: GM crops cause cancer […]

Vegans & GMO

A collection of links to articles by vegans who have an open mind on GMOs: Vegans Who Support GMO’s (Say What?)[ARCHIVED URL] | Native Foods Blog Bizarro Blog! •Schooled! •MORE GMO •GMO-A-GOGO Skeptical Vegan •Frankenfood Fears •Bt Cotton, Farmer Suicides, and Fluffy Thinking •GMO Labeling •Animal Genes & Rothamstead Wheat Trial Vegan Skeptic •The IRRI […]