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Worried About GMOs?

This is an antiGMO “meme” from a website called Vegan Street:
Vegan Street - Worried about GMOs

Is it shocking and scary? Let’s look at the claims:

“Genetically Modified Organisms are not independently tested”
This is completely false. There is a tremendous amount of study on GMOs including many that are independent. Egregious testing on something the scientific consensus has found to be safe hurts animals unnecessarily.

Ultimately, independent study is just one consideration in determining credibility. Peer review and consensus are scientific practices that help protect against industry bias and influence.

“not labeled”
Good labeling policy is based on scientifically accurate information that informs the consumers on issues of safety and nutrition. Mandatory labeling GMOs does not meet either of those requirements. More on labeling.

“potentially very dangerous.”
How? They don’t say. The safety of GMOs is well-recognized by a scientific consensus similar to that which recognizes global climate change is happening.

Anything is potentially dangerous like a conventionally bred potato or Organic sprouts. GMOs have no inherent danger.

“The two biggest GMO food crops in the US are corn and soybeans, and most of these are fed to animals that become our food.
Almost all US animal products contain GMOs.”

This may be true but it has no point. While we would like for people to stop eating animals, the arguments to do so though are worthy on their own merits without resorting to fear-mongering tactics.

“DISCLAIMER: Eating an exclusively vegan diet does not automatically prevent you from eating GMOs. They are present in nearly all mainstream soft drinks, sweets and processed foods. Look for labels that say Organic or GMO-Free.”
There are Organic GMO-free soft drinks, sweets and processed foods as well. One doesn’t have to spend extra on specialty foods to maintain a healthy well-balanced diet. Making vegan that much harder is unjustifiable when real actual animal lives are at stake.

Misplaced worry
The real worry should instead focus on the plight of animals. Isn’t that really what veganism is all about? This meme has baseless claims which are intended to scare. In fact, the same can be done with anything, like vegan foods for example (equally ridiculous):
Worried about VEGAN FOODS?

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