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Occupy VegExpo

There is an upcoming event called “VegExpo” in Vancouver Canada that describes itself as “Vancouver’s everything vegan & vegetarian expo!” but lacks the support of the local vegan community and admits its anti-GMO junk science agenda. Participants of their “#VeganChallenge2014” have been so poorly supported that most of them have failed and mocked being vegan.

VeganGMO is comprised of several passionate long-time vegan and animal rights activists. We feel this is an obvious hijacking of the vegan movement and does us a disservice. Speak up, vegans deserve better, everybody deserves better!

What people are saying:

James McWilliams:
Scientific Credibility and the Veggie Agenda | james-mcwilliams.com [CLICK TO TWEET]

Skeptical Vegan:
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly | Skeptical Vegan [CLICK TO TWEET]

Dr. Kevin Folta:
VegExpo, Smith and Conference Credibility | Illumination blog [CLICK TO TWEET]
Vegetarian Conference Goes Looney | Illumination blog [CLICK TO TWEET]

Knigel Holmes at Skepti-Forum:
Veg Expo is coming to Vancouver, but they are misleading the public | Skepti-Forum [CLICK TO TWEET]

Quoted from VegExpo’s website:

“Bringing it back to basics of how you should look at food. Discover the benefits of a plant-based diet and cooking demonstrations from celebrated local chefs.

Amongs the numerous health and lifestyle information sessions we have lined up, this year’s topic of discussion is GMOs and how it will affect us as Canadians. Sample and discover all the products you need to lead and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s a day for the whole family with an interactive kid zone, tons of free samples, giveaways and much, much more. Guaranteed to be an event that you won’t want to miss!”

Help us occupy their hashtag, and let them know that this is an injustice we will not idly accept.
Use #VegExpo2014, #VeganChallenge2014 and/or @VegExpo in your tweets with a personal message on what it means to you. You may also include the URL to this page using this shortened link: http://bit.ly/VegExpo2014

Or simply click this example to have it done automatically:

Click to tweet: Beware of Vancouver’s #VegExpo2014 with it’s anti-GMO junk science agenda. Find out why here via @VeganGMO: http://bit.ly/VegExpo2014 #vegan

Presenters: (please lobby for some science-based experts to join you)
Jana Webb [@jogawithjana]
Samantha Shorkey [@SamanthaShorkey]
Adam Hart [@PowerofFood]
Jeffrey Smith [@JeffreyMSmith]
Rachel Parent [@RachelsNews]
Ian Walker [@LeftCoastFoods]
Ein Cebula [@celebula]
Vegan Project [@TheVeganProject]
-Bridget Burns
-Samantha Shorkey [@SamanthaShorkey]
-Zoe Peled
Hot Thai Kitchen [@hotthaikitchen]

Sponsors, exhibitors and partners: (Please reconsider your involvement with this sketchy event)
Hippie Foods [@HippieFoods] / Left Coast Naturals [@LeftCoastFoods]
Common Ground [@CommonGroundVan]
Edible Vancouver [@EdibleVancouver]
Greener Print [@GreenerPrint_ca]
Nature’s Path [@NaturesPath]
Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery – SPUD [@spud_delivers]
The Edge Food Energy Company [@food_energy]
Vega [@VegaTeam]
Enjoy Life [@enjoylifefoods ]
RISE Kombucha [@RISEKombucha]
FortisBC [@FortisBC ]
Ra Energy [@RaEnergyFoods ]
Ener-C [@TryEnerC ]
Giddy YoYo [@giddyyoyo ]
Habibis Mediterranean Food [@habibisfoods]
Happy Water [@livehappywater ]
Voyageur Teas [@VoyageurTeas]
Eatmore Sprouts
Hemp Co [@HempcoCanada ]
Zen Organics [@ZenorganicsM ]
Ergo Nutrition [@ErgoNutrition ]
Granola Girl [@aprilbellia]
The Gluten Free Chef
Holy Crap [@HolyCrapCereal ]
Screamin Brothers [@screaminbros ]
Sophie’s Kitchen [@VeganSeafood ]
Stryrian Gold [@styrianGold ]
Aroma Crystal [@Gardeners_Dream]
Manitoba Harvest [@manitobaharvest ]
Details Design Inc [@denadetails ]


Follow live on Twitter:
Twitter Hashtag: #vegexpo2014
On the ground:
Robert Wager (RobertWager1) on Twitter
David Dilworth (toqlip) on Twitter
On the web:
VeganGMO (VeganGMO) on Twitter
VegExpo2014 (VegExpo2014) on Twitter

VegExpo Conference Schedule:
1:05 Theirry Vrain – The Gene Revolution
2:05 Jeffrey M. Smith – GMOs, How are we affected as Canadians
3:10 GMO Panel: Jeffrey M. Smith, Rachel Parent, Ian Walker & Joseph Roberts

•Thierry Vrain Bingo Card | bit.ly/VegExpoTVBingo
•Jeffrey Smith Bingo Card | bit.ly/VegExpoJSBingo
•Rachel Parent Bingo Card | bit.ly/VegExpoRPBingo
•Combination Super Bingo Card | bit.ly/VegExpoSuperBingo

Tweet @VeganGMO or comment here if you need further resources or assistance.

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