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Glyphosate Collection

While glyphosate herbicide is not inherently a GMO issue it’s often vilified in an attempt to spread fear around GMO. Here’s a collection of links looking at what glyphosate is, the fear campaign and the science.

Roundup (Glyphosate) | Vegan GMO

Salt, Vinegar, and Glyphosate | Control Freaks

Inconvenient Glyphosate Math | Illumination

Myth: GM farmers “drown” crops in “dangerous” glyphosate. Fact: Farmers use eye droppers | Genetic Literacy Project

Long-Term Glyphosate Use Effect on Wheat | The Farmer’s Life

Oh, no! GMOs are going to make everyone autistic! – Respectful Insolence

Glyphosate – The New Bogeyman | Science-Based Medicine

Medical Doctors weigh in on Glyphosate Claims | Biology Fortified, Inc.

Will Half the Children be Autistic by 2025? | Myles Power (powerm1985)


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