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#VeganChallenge2014 is a Mockery

In order to promote their anti-GMO conference, VegExpo is hosting 7-day vegan challenges for people. Obviously lacking serious real support, these people’s half-hearted attempts are floundering and making a mockery of veganism.

Adam Scorgie for lack of proper support admits he cannot keep up a vegan lifestyle:

But, he can still support the cause but no, turns out he really doesn’t care about killing animals:

Here, previous #VeganChallenge2014 participant Jeremy Szafron jokes about how much they miss when vegan. it doesn’t have to be that way!

Food reporter Erin Ireland is up next and @VegExpo checks in:

Not so great according to her Twitter and Instagram feeds:

What does Erin Ireland think veganism is? What is The Vegan Project telling her?

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