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Persecuting Biotechnology | Technology+Policy

Just political systems should not have punitive laws that persecute new technologies without acting on the basis of evidence of harm.  Countries around the world should follow the path of Mark Lynas in discovering science and start reviewing the laws they put in place to persecute biotechnology. This will make them better defenders of the environment.

via Persecuting Biotechnology | Technology+Policy.

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One Response to “Persecuting Biotechnology | Technology+Policy”

  1. My understanding is, in the case of Monsanto at least, that the continued use of Roundup alongside Roundup ready GM crops has indeed led to loss of biodiversity in soils and ultimately loss of natural fertility as well as super weeds which have developed immunity to roundup. It’s not rocket science, rodents develop immunity to rodenticides, liver fluke has developed immunity to Trichlabendazole, viruses have developed antibiotic resistance.

    Posted by Daye Tucker | January 11, 2013, 3:52 pm