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Seralini Rat Study Retracted

seraliniretraction_anonThe Seralini rat study paper we collected links for here was retracted by the journal for which it was originally published. This is how junk science causes direct harm to animals.
Check out these links for more information:

Seralini GMO rat study set to be withdrawn, says journal | Food Navigator
Séralini Threatens Lawsuit In Wake Of Retraction Of Infamous GMO Cancer Rat Study | Forbes
A Lot May Be Learned from the Fallout | Illumination
That Appalling Seralini GMO Cancer Paper Has Been Withdrawn | Forbes
Science journal retracts French study on GM foods | Toronto Star
Study that fuelled fear of ‘frankenfood’ retracted | Montreal Gazette
Seralini Study Withdrawn – Should Never Have Been Published | Skeptico
The Seralini GMO Study – Retraction and Response to Critics | Science-Based Medicine
Belated retraction of Seralini’s bad anti-GMO paper | Pharyngula
How could Séralini’s GM study have made suckers of so many people? | Food Navigator Asia
Anti-GMO crop paper to be forcibly retracted | Ars Technica
FSA ‘endangering public health’ by ignoring concerns over GM food | theguardian.com
GM maize, health and the Séralini affair: Smelling a rat | The Economist
Retraction of Seralini’s controversial toxicology study | View from the fence
Bruce Chassy, French GMO Study | Spreaker – Be Heard
Half-hearted apology, but Séralini damage done | COSMOS magazine
Food and Chemical Toxicology Editor-in-Chief, A. Wallace Hayes, Publishes Response to Letters to the Editors | Elsevier
Retraction reaction… | Cami Ryan
The Ethics of the Séralini Retraction and Charges of Conflict of Interest | REALFOOD.ORG
Journal editor defends retraction of GMO-rats study while authors reveal some of paper’s history | Retraction Watch

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  1. Some other links … http://www.gruenevernunft.de/meldung/fachjournal-zieht-s%C3%A9ralini-studie-zur%C3%BCck-internationale-pressestimmen

    Posted by Heinz-Josef Sprengkamp | December 4, 2013, 4:24 pm


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