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“Monsanto Protection Act” Links

You may have seen posts about the “Monsanto Protection Act” which is so dubbed by anti-GMO groups and activists. It really is section 733 of the Fiscal Year 2013 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. Here’s a collection of links for more information on what it means:

Anti-GMO groups protesting farmer assurance | Ag Professional

Does Anyone Read It Before Opposing It? | Illumination

Through The Windshield: Why Food Democracy isn’t really about Democracy. | Through The Windshield

“Monsanto Protection Act”: Anti-GMO Conspiracy Theorists Lose It Over Minor Deregulation | The Skeptical Libertarian

“Monsanto Protection Act” is a bullshit, made-up term. There is no such thing. | Bad Skeptic

Monsanto Protection Act | Snopes.com

Did Congress Just Give GMOs A Free Pass In The Courts? | NPR

Monsanto Statement on the Falsely Labeled ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ | Beyond the Rows

There is no Monsanto Protection Act | Ag Professional

Monsanto Protection Act? Separating the facts from the fury | Genetic Literacy Project

Exposing the Anti-GMO Legal Machine: The Real Story Behind the So-Called Monsanto Protection Act | Forbes

Two Things I Hate About The Monsanto Protection Act | AGWEB.com

‘Monsanto’ Rider Ridiculed by Both Sides, But Is it as Bad as it Looks? – US News and World Report

What you need to know about Monsanto and GMO Food | Beyer Beware

Five “Monsanto Protection Act” Myths | The Skeptical Libertarian

Farmers need protection in GMO disputes | Capital Press

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