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Vegan Supporters

GMO is often vilified by the vegan community, so we must show that there is a growing contingent of supporters among vegans. With the current body of evidence showing a tremendous safety record for genetic engineering and the support of the scientific consensus, we stand by the experts. Science and technology are important assets for bringing social justice issues to bear, and we must fight for these tools lest we mire our movement in knee-jerk opposition to new solutions. Please consider adding your name to the comment list below to show your support as a person who is vegan and science-minded.

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One Response to “Vegan Supporters”

  1. I think innovative solutions to agriculture are an important tool to assist social justice causes. I look to the experts to inform me and stand up against the irrational fear mongering that ultimately harms.

    Posted by Daved | September 13, 2012, 1:32 pm