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Golden Rice Links

Golden Rice has been in the news lately due to vandalization of a Golden Rice field trial in the Philippines. Here are a collection of articles related to this particular GMO.

Petition | Global scientific community condemns the recent destruction of field trials of Golden Rice in the Philippines | Change.org

The Double Standard for Golden Rice | Fancy Beans
A Moral Case for Golden Rice | Fancy Beans
Golden Rice ‘Restrictions’ Are Reasonable | Fancy Beans
GM food: Golden rice will save millions of people from vitamin A deficiency. | Slate Magazine
Golden Rice trial Vandalized | Biology Fortified, Inc.
GMOs and Science Denialists: A GMO Primer | Filipino Freethinkers
Debunking Golden Rice myths: A geneticist’s perspective | SciTech | GMA News Online
GM crops don’t kill kids; opposing them does | Matt Ridley
GMOs Don’t Hurt Anyone, But Opposing Them Does | Science 2.0
Visit to vandalized Golden Rice field trial | International Rice Research Institute
My Personal Thoughts on Golden Rice & Recent Vandalism | Janice Person
Golden Rice – Lifesaver? | NYTimes.com
Illumination: Please Voice Your Opposition to Golden Rice | Illumination
Golden rice attack in Philippines: Anti-GMO activists lie about protest and safety. | Mark Lynas, Slate
From Lynas to Pollan, Agreement that Golden Rice Trials Should Proceed | Andrew C. Revkin, NYTimes.com
Science And GMOs Are Not The Bad Guys Here | Emily Willingham, Forbes
Golden Rice: Fool’s gold or golden opportunity? | Grist
Comment on: Golden Rice and GMOs: The Best Solutions To World Hunger? (But What Is “The Best”…?) | Alexander J. Stein
Beth Hoffman – Science doesn’t work that way | A Million Gods
Solutions for micronutrient deficiency | Anastasia Bodnar, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
How are academic studies assessed anyway? Or why Golden Rice can be considered a promising intervention | Alexander J. Stein
Scientific American comes out in favor of GMOs, and I agree | The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog Network
IRRI releases video thanking scientific community for continuing support | Genetic Literacy Project
GM food fight: Why the Gates Foundation wants to make rice golden | Humanosphere
Standing Up for GMOs | Science Journal
Golden Rice creator wants to live to see it save lives – environment | New Scientist
Golden Rice. Golden Opportunity. | Timberati

Further Resources:
Alexander J. Stein, Agricultural and Development Economist – Google Scholar Citations

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