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Vegans & GMO

A collection of links to articles by vegans who have an open mind on GMOs:

Vegans Who Support GMO’s (Say What?)[ARCHIVED URL] | Native Foods Blog

Bizarro Blog!

Skeptical Vegan
Frankenfood Fears
Bt Cotton, Farmer Suicides, and Fluffy Thinking
GMO Labeling
Animal Genes & Rothamstead Wheat Trial

Vegan Skeptic
The IRRI – Conducting Genetic Modification We Can All Support
Alexey Surov and GM Soy – A Recurrent Tale Against GM Foods

Yummy Vegan GMO Tomatoes | Vegan Scientist

▶ Why I’m a Pro-GMO Vegan (and 9 GMO myths dispelled) | Fit For Raw

If you know of any more please leave a comment and let us know where. Thanks!

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