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17 Questions About Glyphosate | Thoughtscapism

Many worry about pesticides for health or environmental reasons, and the most common target of general concern is undoubtedly glyphosate, the active ingredient in the famous weedkiller RoundUp. I find that the best thing to do when something worries me, is to find out more about it.  I’ve delved into the details behind the 17 […]

Code of Conduct

Vegan GMO is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. This code of conduct applies to all Vegan GMO spaces, including Facebooks groups, pages, the website and events. Anyone who violates this code of conduct may be sanctioned or banned from these spaces at […]

Can Algae Save the Orangutans?

A California company has developed an alternative to palm oil to avoid the deforestation wiping out rare wildlife. Source: Can Algae Save the Orangutans?

Replacing Pesticides With Genetics – The New York Times

Scientists have genetically modified thousands of diamondback moths, infusing the farm pests with DNA designed to kill female larvae. Source: Replacing Pesticides With Genetics – The New York Times

Food Goes ‘GMO Free’ With Same Ingredients

Ms. Westgate said the goal of the Non-GMO Project, which was started in 2005, is to shrink the market for existing GMO ingredients and prevent new commercial biotech crops. Source: Food Goes ‘GMO Free’ With Same Ingredients

Gluten-free GM wheat can help celiac patients -Biology Fortified

Have you ever seen the popular MyPlate? It is a simple graphic to indicate the type and amount of food needed for a balanced diet in humans. If you have seen it, you will notice that a large section of the plate includes foods derived from cereals and grains, which are a great source ofREAD […]

Myth: Biotech Companies Block Independent Research

The mantra from the anti-GMO activists for a long, long time has been that there is no scientific studies on biotechnology. If there are no studies then they cannot possibly be safe. But that old argument doesn’t really hold any water and, more than ever, it’s easier to show people that this is not true. […]

Poll: Scientists overwhelmingly think GMOs are safe to eat. The public doesnt. – Vox

For the record, the scientists view is supported by multiple scientific panels that have investigated this issue and found that, yes, GMOs are safe to eat. But much of the public doesnt seem to be on board with these findings — two-thirds of respondents said that scientists "do not have a clear understanding" of the health […]

Plants That Practice Genetic Engineering – NYTimes.com

Plants That Practice Genetic Engineering – NYTimes.com.

Seneff’s Claim on Autism

MIT Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff has made a bold claim correlating glyphosate and autism in an attempt to mar the reputation of GMO. Here are some links on that issue. Oh, no! GMOs are going to make everyone autistic! – Respectful Insolence Glyphosate – The New Bogeyman | Science-Based Medicine Medical Doctors weigh […]