Real Vegan Dairy

Recently there has been some traction with ongoing developments to create real vegan dairy products through genetic engineering circumventing the need for animal bodies. These are the types of efforts for which we have been striving to clear the way. Biotechnology is starting to empower us with powerful solutions to problems vegans have been striving Read more about Real Vegan Dairy[…]

#VeganChallenge2014 is a Mockery

In order to promote their anti-GMO conference, VegExpo is hosting 7-day vegan challenges for people. Obviously lacking serious real support, these people’s half-hearted attempts are floundering and making a mockery of veganism. Adam Scorgie for lack of proper support admits he cannot keep up a vegan lifestyle: @jogawithjana @denadetails @JeremySzafron @VegExpo I have realized that Read more about #VeganChallenge2014 is a Mockery[…]

Worried About GMOs?

This is an antiGMO “meme” from a website called Vegan Street: Is it shocking and scary? Let’s look at the claims: “Genetically Modified Organisms are not independently tested” This is completely false. There is a tremendous amount of study on GMOs including many that are independent. Egregious testing on something the scientific consensus has found Read more about Worried About GMOs?[…]

Farmers Speak Out

Mythology surrounds farmers when it comes to biotech likening them to unwilling slaves of BigAg corporations. Let’s hear it from the farmers themselves. I Occupy Our Food Supply Everyday | The Farmer’s Life Decision 2013: Drought Resistant & GMO Cottonseed Varieties leading the polls | Kissed A Farmer Do Farmers Have Choices? | Prairie Californian Read more about Farmers Speak Out[…]

Science, Not Mysticism, Will Save the American Chestnut Tree –

More recently, researchers at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry SUNY, working with the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project used genetic engineering techniques to introduce a gene from wheat that confers strong blight resistance into American chestnut trees. Adding just a gene or two to the American chestnut Read more about Science, Not Mysticism, Will Save the American Chestnut Tree –[…]