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Vegan GMO’s Stance Against White Supremacy

Our organization has always been first and foremost a vegan organization. We came together under concerns that an irrational (but not unjustifiable) fear surrounding biotechnology could be ultimately detrimental. It’s a natural progression of our vegan justice values. We took a bold stance against GMO conspiracy mongering and those who prey upon our fellow vegans.

As a vegan organization we uphold the principles upon which our movement is founded, specifically animal emancipation. With those goals in mind, we recognize that our movement can not grow into a more mature justice movement without the important perspectives of people of color. We are obligated to challenge white supremacy wherever it threatens our community.

Recent events in Charlottesville are a symptom of the white supremacy that immerses our culture. Veganism is belief in justice put into practice. To limit ourselves to only issues of animal justice would debase the very endeavor.. This is no different than our respect for the scientific method; for example, we could not, in good faith, accept the scientific consensus on biotech while ignoring that same consensus on climate change.

While white supremacists terrorize the streets we must recognize the roots from which they have sprung. White supremacy is ingrained in our culture, our institutions, and even ourselves. It’s up to those of us who are white and privileged to recognize this and take action to help stamp out white supremacy for good. Here are 8 Ways White Folks Can Support People of Color.

We thoroughly denounce systemic white supremacy and the ugly symptoms of it. The work of justice and science require a diversity of perspectives to inform. That means a more inclusive vegan movement that protects its members from pseudoscience, bigotry, and other forms of harmful oppression.

Vegan GMO Team

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