About the Contributors

Vegan GMO’s contributors are all long-time vegans with deep interests in skepticism, science, and ethics. As vegans, we feel it is important to stay open-minded about genetic engineering and biotechnology. We have no professional connection to any biotech industry and volunteer our efforts with our passion for social justice.


DaveD is a professional multimedia artist working in the video game industry. Since 1999 he’s been volunteering as a vegan activist working for and alongside many groups and also founded several vegan-related projects. Early in that period he fell for the antiGMO stories and distributed antiGMO literature as part of his vegan advocacy efforts. He recently discovered a renewed interest in science and critical thinking and had a change of heart and mind on GMO/biotech.

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SkepticalVegan is just a nerdy guy interested in skepticism and science, with a particular interest in genetic engineering. He’s been vegan for the past eight years.

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vgmomugJayson Merkley

Jayson is a proud member of the inaugural cohort of the Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows program. A vegan of 17+ years, Jayson is excited about biotech’s proven potential to increase quality of life globally for human and non-human animals alike.

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Anna has been making a good-faith effort to eat exclusively vegan foods since 1996, although she is suspicious of a few restaurateurs with whom she has come into contact over the years. In 2002 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, where her interest in science was whetted in her logic- and evidence-oriented fields of study. Now she lives in the Arizona desert where she has a job and is back in school, studying science and cultivating a creepy fascination with microbes. She is interested in the possibilities of open-source biotechnology and its humanitarian applications.

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