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Seralini Rat Study Retracted

seraliniretraction_anonThe Seralini rat study paper we collected links for here was retracted by the journal for which it was originally published. Check out these links for more information:

Seralini GMO rat study set to be withdrawn, says journal | Food Navigator
Séralini Threatens Lawsuit In Wake Of Retraction Of Infamous GMO Cancer Rat Study | Forbes
A Lot May Be Learned from the Fallout | Illumination
That Appalling Seralini GMO Cancer Paper Has Been Withdrawn | Forbes
Science journal retracts French study on GM foods | Toronto Star
Study that fuelled fear of ‘frankenfood’ retracted | Montreal Gazette
Seralini Study Withdrawn – Should Never Have Been Published | Skeptico
The Seralini GMO Study – Retraction and Response to Critics | Science-Based Medicine
Belated retraction of Seralini’s bad anti-GMO paper | Pharyngula
How could Séralini’s GM study have made suckers of so many people? | Food Navigator Asia
Anti-GMO crop paper to be forcibly retracted | Ars Technica
FSA ‘endangering public health’ by ignoring concerns over GM food | theguardian.com
GM maize, health and the Séralini affair: Smelling a rat | The Economist
Retraction of Seralini’s controversial toxicology study | View from the fence
Bruce Chassy, French GMO Study | Spreaker – Be Heard
Half-hearted apology, but Séralini damage done | COSMOS magazine
Food and Chemical Toxicology Editor-in-Chief, A. Wallace Hayes, Publishes Response to Letters to the Editors | Elsevier
Retraction reaction… | Cami Ryan
The Ethics of the Séralini Retraction and Charges of Conflict of Interest | REALFOOD.ORG
Journal editor defends retraction of GMO-rats study while authors reveal some of paper’s history | Retraction Watch


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  1. Some other links … http://www.gruenevernunft.de/meldung/fachjournal-zieht-s%C3%A9ralini-studie-zur%C3%BCck-internationale-pressestimmen

    Posted by Heinz-Josef Sprengkamp | December 4, 2013, 4:24 pm