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Vegans Must March for Science

Science and justice go hand in hand. By Jayson Merkley Director, Vegan GMO If you see veganism as a movement for justice then you better be at the March for Science this weekend. That’s what veganism is for us. Not a weight-loss diet, not a fad, not a marketing gimmick. Veganism is how we express […]

Genetically engineered microbes make their own fertilizer, could feed the world’s poorest | Science | AAAS

Industrial fertilizers help feed billions of people every year, but they remain beyond the reach of many of the world’s poorest farmers. Now, researchers have engineered microbes that, when added to soil, make fertilizer on demand, producing plants that grow 1.5 times larger than crops not exposed to the bugs or other synthetic fertilizers. The […]

Perfecting An Inefficient Part Of Photosynthesis With Genetic Modification

Research from the University of Illinois showcases a new discovery in the inefficiency of the photosynthesis and photorespiration cycles. Source: Perfecting An Inefficient Part Of Photosynthesis With Genetic Modification

Genetic Modification May Be The Answer To A Dangerous Toxin

Researchers with the University of Arizona are exploring “host-induced gene silencing” in corn to combat toxic mold. Scientists successfully engineered corn (the host) to turn off, or silence, the mold’s toxin-producing genes. If the modified corn is exposed to toxic mold, the once-dangerous infection is rendered harmless. As research progresses, scientists are exploring whether they […]