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Using Genetic Modification To Produce A New Source Of Rubber Plants

One of the main benefits of the guayule’s latex, especially today, is that it is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is unlikely to trigger latex allergic responses for those with that allergy. But even with this alternative source, increasing production is the focus to meet global demand.That’s where the scientists at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service […]


Chickens will suffer for the Non-GMO Project’s regressive ideology

Not only is lab meat safer than alternatives, it has the potential to save billions of lives. by Jayson Merkley Director, Vegan GMO The Non-GMO Project is happy to sacrifice billions of chickens in pursuit of regressive ideological purity. That was the clear message sent in a March 17th tweet: “This new genetic engineering technology […]

How a kernel of corn may yield answers into some cancers

The work by the Settles group shows that the defects observed in the corn kernels are the same genetic errors, or mutations, in blood cells that lead to some forms of MDS. Genetic mistakes in both corn cells and blood cells affect a similar suite of genes, even though these are very different organisms. This […]