17 Questions About Glyphosate | Thoughtscapism

Many worry about pesticides for health or environmental reasons, and the most common target of general concern is undoubtedly glyphosate, the active ingredient in the famous weedkiller RoundUp. I find that the best thing to do when something worries me, is to find out more about it.  I’ve delved into the details behind the 17 Read more about 17 Questions About Glyphosate | Thoughtscapism[…]

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NeuroLogica Blog » Bt Brinjal – Destroying the Anti-GMO Narrative

The anti-GMO narrative – and that is what it is, a story – has several consistent elements. According to this narrative GMOs are poisonous, bad for farmers, and solely promoted by companies out to make money by controlling the food source and exploiting farmers and the public. The problem with this cartoon is that it Read more about NeuroLogica Blog » Bt Brinjal – Destroying the Anti-GMO Narrative[…]