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No one should be afraid of synthetic biology-produced vanilla.

This year, a company that creates vanillin with synthetic biology—a discipline that uses biochemistry to design DNA that controls balanced, interconnected behaviors in living cells such as yeast—has stepped up the marketing of its product. via No one should be afraid of synthetic biology-produced vanilla..

Myth: Biotech Companies Block Independent Research

The mantra from the anti-GMO activists for a long, long time has been that there is no scientific studies on biotechnology. If there are no studies then they cannot possibly be safe. But that old argument doesn’t really hold any water and, more than ever, it’s easier to show people that this is not true. […]

▶ Why I’m a Pro-GMO Vegan (and 9 GMO myths dispelled) – YouTube

I’m a vegan who eats a mostly raw food diet. I also support genetic modification. In this video, I explain the 3 reasons why I advocate for genetically modified organisms and also look at the common claims against gm crops (below): 1: There’s no evidence showing GM crops are safe 2: GM crops cause cancer […]

The Foodie Farmer: GMO versus NonGMO: The Cost of Production

Farmers grow what there is demand for, plain and simple. What markets are available in our region and the products they want from farmers. Economics 101. We don’t grow what we can’t sell. For us, there is greater demand for GMO derived feed and imgredients than there is for nonGMO feed and ingredients. Strange isn’t […]