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VIDEO: University of Florida BioTech Literacy Event

VIDEO: University of Florida BioTech Literacy Event.

Meatless startups dream up alt foods

For years, companies have tried to develop alternatives to cheese, meat and eggs — foods that people increasingly avoid for health, environmental or ethical reasons. The challenge is to find perfect substitutes with comparable taste and texture. Finally, after years of false starts, new companies with real business models are sprouting in the Bay Area […]

Veg Expo 2014 Bingo Cards

Veg Expo’s presenters are there to spread fear about GMOs. If you decide to hear them out anyway, play bingo with these cards! Pull any one of these up on your smart device or print them out in advance. Thierry Vrain Bingo Card | bit.ly/VegExpoTVBingo Jeffrey Smith Bingo Card | bit.ly/VegExpoJSBingo Rachel Parent Bingo Card […]

The problems with the arguments against GM crops – SciDev.Net

A look into the source of funding for anti-GM activities reveals that although they are often portrayed as grassroots movements, many are part of a much larger coalition of social activists, environmental NGOs and social-investment organisations backed by a reservoir of funding from special interest foundations. via The problems with the arguments against GM crops […]

GM Crops and Food: Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Food Chain: Special Issue: Consumer Affairs

With a mandatory labeling scheme for GM food in Europe since 2004 measuring actual consumer choice in practice has become possible. Anticipating Europeans negative attitude toward GM food, the labeling was enforced to allow consumers to make an informed choice. We studied consumers actual purchase behavior of GM food products and compared this with their […]