Our Mission

How biotechnology can help our cause.

Spreading Veganism

Vegan living can be made more accessible and convenient.

Animal Alternatives

Equivalent or improved vegan alternatives to animal products can be invented.

Animal Testing

Given the scientific consensus that GMO technology is safe, unfounded fears lead to egregious animal testing and abuse.

Scientific Advancement

The more we know, the better we can solve problems.


We can grow plant foods with better nutrient profiles.


More solutions can be innovated for modern disease prevention and treatment for all animals.


Help developing countries achieve food security.

Big Business

Overly strict barriers and regulations can inhibit smaller companies with big business to monopolize.


It’s just the right thing to do, which is why we’re vegan in the first place! A consistent and effective application of our own standards of morality requires insistence for the truth.

About us

Vegan GMO represents a growing number of vegans taking an open-minded and critical look at biotechnology. For too long it has been unfairly vilified at the expense of many goals of the movement. We explore these issues and advocate for a more rational approach in building a strong social justice movement.


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